Monthly Archive: September 2012

Sep 29

Saturday Six Pack – Chris Jay Becker – Author of Death in the Fast Lane

This week’s installment of Saturday Six Pack features Chris Jay Becker, author of Death in the Fast Lane. In addition to being a novelist, Chris is also a songwriter, music journalist, and stand-up comic. In the past, he worked as a skip tracer,a gravedigger, a shipwright, and a private security consultant, and a movie extra. …

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Sep 22

Saturday Six Pack – Benjamin Wallace – Author of Tortugas Rising

Today’s Saturday Six Pack features Benjamin Wallace, whose latest book is Tortugas Rising. I’ve been looking forward to having Ben do a Saturday Six Pack since he is a very funny writer. And since I also write comedy, I consider myself a bit of an expert on what is funny. So Po$$e members, don’t argue …

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Sep 15

Saturday Six Pack – Claude Bouchard – Author of the Vigilante Series

Today’s Saturday Six Pack features Claude Bouchard, author of several books including the popular Vigilante series. Claude lives in Montreal, a fantastic city where being bilingual certainly helps, as does a fondness for the color white about six months of the year. I think you’re going find Claude to be an interesting guy as well …

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Sep 08

Saturday Six Pack – Rebecca Hamilton – Author of Sophia’s Journey -The Forever Girl series

Today’s Saturday Six Pack features Rebecca Hamilton, author of the popular The Forever Girl, Sophia’s Journey which is the first installment in her Forever Girl Series. Rebecca brings a sophisticated literary approach to the Paranormal Fantasy and Horror genres and, based on the book’s success, her style has struck a chord with readers. She lives …

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Sep 01

Saturday Six Pack – CJ Urban – Author of Diary of a Dead Girl

This week’s Saturday Six Pack is with new indie author, CJ Urban, who recently launched her first book, Diary of a Dead Girl. The book came to my attention through a recommendation I received from another author who suggested I check it out. I did and I have to say that it’s a strong debut. …

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