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Add A Little Reading to Superbowl Sunday

Hi, folks.

Since many of you will undoubtedly be doing everything you can to avoid the ten hours of pre-game nonsense, I thought I’d send you some information about my latest book as well as share some of the latest offerings from some other authors I’m sure you’ll enjoy. And for those of you who have interest in watching football, perhaps this post is even more timely.

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for, once again, making The Case of the Prescient Poodle, book #16 in my Thousand Islands Doggy Inn Mysteries, the #1 Bestselling Dog Breed book on Amazon. That continues the #1 slot streak that has now reached thirteen books in a row. Your support continues to amaze me, and I am eternally grateful!

The book is available in both e-book and paperback. Just click the book title in blue below to grab your copy in the format of your choice.

The Case of the Prescient Poodle


Suzy and the gang are back in the Cayman Islands enjoying a relaxing day of deep-sea fishing. Their day is interrupted when a luxury yacht passing by inexplicably explodes and sinks, but not before the poodle onboard leaps into the water and swims to their boat just before the yacht blows up. And when several patches of a white film form on the surface of the water after the blast, along with some bizarre bits of debris that fall from the sky, Suzy soon finds herself in the middle of a murder case that appears to involve a drug smuggling operation and illegal cockfighting.

Soon after she sets out to find a new home for the poodle, a dog that seems to possess a ‘sixth-sense’ that makes everyone it comes in contact with extremely nervous, Suzy’s plans get derailed when she and Josie and Rooster get arrested on an impressive list of charges. As such, all three are soon facing some serious jail time and the threat of deportation. Not the mention the ire of Suzy’s mom.

With the ongoing investigation, along with the actions of her boyfriend, Max, and the fact that she desperately wants out of Wags, their fledging dog toy company, Suzy has a lot on her mind. And when Gerald, the Finance Minister, forces her involvement in the case on Detective Renfro, the lead investigator, Suzy finds herself in the unusual position of working closely with the local police and on a very short leash. With a suspect list that includes the estranged daughter of the deceased owners of the yacht, several employees of the owner’s import-export company, the Premier’s son, as well as the Police Commissioner and Ramon, the local organizer of the illegal cockfights, it’s a wild ride for Suzy and the gang as she tries to decipher exactly what the heck is going on as political intrigue, revenge, cockfighting, and the challenges of love, both true and unrequited, collide head on.

The Case of the Prescient Poodle is the latest installment in B.R. Snow’s popular Thousand Islands Doggy Inn Mysteries and deals with dogs, food, and the power of friendship set against the backdrop of beautiful beaches, hot sun, and cold beverages.


And here are a few other new offerings I think you’ll enjoy.

Dianne Harman’s website

When the wrong person’s murdered, just who was the intended victim of death by chocolate cake?

Was it the retired mobster, Al De Duco? Could it have been an act of jealousy by his ex-girlfriend, Kitten Knight, or an act of revenge by Mario Carlucci, a long-time enemy of his from Al’s days with the Mafia in Chicago?

Or was the intended victim Al’s wife of two weeks, Cassie, the very popular food critic who writes the Food Spy column for The Seattle Times? But who would want to murder Cassie? Maybe it was Myles Lambert, the food critic she was filling in for at the Times and who was jealous of her success. Then there’s the Gourmand’s Guide to Good Eats food blogger, Jessica Simmons, who’d always hated Cassie. Or even the owner of Frogities Restaurant, Jules Moreau, who would love to see the bad publicity resulting from a murder at Le Bijou Bistro.

And what about the kidnapping of Briana, Cassie’s daughter?

Join Jake and DeeDee as they search for a motive and a murderer!

This is Book 5 in the popular Northwest Cozy Mystery series by USA Today Bestselling Author and seven time Amazon All-Star, Dianne Harman.


Front Page Murder
A Crampton of the Chronicle Mystery
Peter Bartram

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Condemned man Archie Flowerdew is to hang for the murder of rival artist Percy Despart. Convinced of his innocence, Archie’s niece Tammy persuades Evening Chronicle reporter Colin Crampton to take up the case, but the more Colin investigates, the more it looks like Archie is guilty. But as Colin continues to probe he realises that he is putting his job, and his life, in peril… Join Colin in this Swinging Sixties fun adventure, where the thrills and the laughs continue right to the last page.

What reviewers say about Front Page Murder

A joy from start to finish. Front Page Murder is wonderful entertainment, and is one of those rare books where there is a definite sense of sorrow that you have reached the final page. ~ David Prestidge, Fully Booked 2017

Peter Bartram has crafted a mystery that is a great romp. Front Page Murder is a lot of fun. ~ Mal McEwan, Crime Fiction Lover

It’s another entertaining read with a suitably nasty antagonist. I didn’t spot the killer. I did enjoy the way the leads came about, the comical descriptions, and the set pieces. ~ The Hound, Crime Thriller Hound

Front Page Murder wholeheartedly embraces the 60s vibe, layers of human interest, comical banter, a genuine Sheila called Shirley, plus there’s a crime AND a puzzle to solve – there’s even a partridge in a pear tree… Well, this had everything and I couldn’t have asked for more. I’m definitely looking forward to the next caper in the paper! ~ Little Bookness Lane

I highly recommend this book and this series. I think the series will appeal to a wide range of readers. ~ Cherie Jung, Over My Dead Body!

Like the others in the series, a lot of fun… with a lot going on that almost guarantees you won’t spot all the twists and turns coming. Recommended. ~ Steve Barge, In Search of the Classic Mystery Novel

Kept me up at night just wanting to read the next page. Colin Crampton is a fantastic character. An excellent read and I’m already looking forward to the next in the series. ~ Helen Giles, Life of a Nerdish Mum

Another big hit. Peter Bartram has a delightful way of introducing places and characters. ~ Ann Summerville, Cozy in Texas


Tammy Grace is running a 99 cent special on her great book, KILLER MUSIC, February 20-26th!

US and UK readers can get a copy here. KILLER MUSIC

GOLD MEDAL WINNER of the 2016 Global E-Book Awards in Mystery. “A clever and well-crafted whodunit—an absorbing page-turning read.”

When private detective Cooper “Coop” Harrington meets record label mogul Grayson Taylor at a swank gathering of country music artists and politicians he never imagines he’ll be investigating his brutal murder less than twenty-four hours later.

The suspects are plentiful. More than a handful of people could have wanted him dead. Retained by Taylor’s widow, Coop works alongside his best friend and Chief of Detectives, Ben Mason. The investigation leads Coop and Ben to visit the luxurious mansions of recording industry magnates, navigate the murky undercurrents of the political world, and probe complicated family matters. Scandalous indiscretions, secrets, and hints of corruption swirl in the midst of their pursuit of the killer.

Coop’s faithful friend and assistant, Annabelle and his loyal golden retriever, Gus, both lend a hand during the investigation. Even his Aunt Camille mines the local gossip mill to unearth potential killers with motive. Yet the case seems hopeless until a crucial piece of evidence emerges that sends Coop and Ben on a race to catch the killer before someone else dies.


Enjoy your Sunday.

I hope it’s, well, Super!

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