Nov 06

Books For Dog Lovers – Installment 1 – November, 2017

Hi, folks,

I just wanted to update you about an exciting new monthly promotion I’ve been asked to participate in. It’s called Books for Dog Lovers and I’m honored to be in such illustrious company. The initial roster of participating authors, who regularly feature our four-legged friends in their books, is impressive and you can find out a few things about all of them here:


Each month, the participating authors will feature up to three books, many of which will have special deals attached to them. November’s collection includes fourteen books from the group, many of which I have already read and highly recommend. And all the others are high on my current reading list.

I know all the dog lovers in my group of readers, and there certainly are a lot of you, will enjoy all the books!

Click the link below to review all of this month’s books and grab a copy of each.


And I need to give a special thank you to Rachele Baker who had the idea of pulling all of us together for this great promotional effort.

Rachele’s a vet, so when it comes to dogs, she certainly knows what she is talking about as evidenced by her new book, 7 Simple Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy.

And, yes, you’ll find it as one of this month’s featured books.

Happy reading!


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