Apr 01

Divorce Hotel Launching in April

My new book, Divorce Hotel, is launching this month on Amazon and in paperback. Check out the synopsis and sample below. It’s not part of my Damaged Posse series but I’m pretty sure my readers are going to enjoy it.

Be well.


If love is hell, what does that make divorce?

That is one of life’s great questions for John Germaine, a divorced man who has bought an old bed and breakfast inn and turned it into a refuge for recently divorced men. But faced with a crushing, ongoing alimony payment to his ex-wife, Margaret, an aspiring, yet sadly uninspiring actress, John has reached the end of his tether. And it’s either get Margaret married or take drastic measures. With the assistance of his permanent residents and his new housekeeper, Emily, who just happens to be the ex-wife of Margaret’s new fiance, John puts a plan together to get Margaret off his back, if not out of his life permanently. With a houseful of residents that includes a hygiologist whose mission in life is to make America smell better, a mantologist with a Vegas lounge act, and a political consultant down on his luck, Divorce Hotel comes out swinging on page one and doesn’t let up.


You will find an excerpt of Divorce Hotel under Pages. Enjoy!

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