Apr 12

It’s Here!! The Whiskey Run Chronicles – Episode 1 – The Dry Season Approaches

The first episode in my new series, The Whiskey Run Chronicles, has launched and you can get it here.


Episode 1 – The Dry Season Approaches

Milo Razner arrives in town and immediately begins to launch his plans to control the smuggling of illegal whiskey from Canada into the U.S. just before Prohibition becomes the law of the land. But before he can get started, he needs to make a couple of purchases and deal with a few locals he needs to help him get his grand plan off the ground.

A Few Words About the New Series

The Whiskey Run Chronicles is the latest series from bestselling author B.R. Snow, and is set in the Thousand Islands during Prohibition when smuggling whiskey across the Canadian border into the U.S. was a business a lot of people wanted to get into. One of those people is Milo Razner, a man with big plans and a charming personality that belies a mean streak that sometimes seems to have a mind of its own. And soon after arriving in town, Milo begins to unveil his grand plan to become a respected legitimate businessman while also operating the largest illegal booze running operation around.

The Whiskey Run Chronicles is written in individual episodes that are approximately 40-50 pages long and designed to be read in a single sitting. Readers can expect to see 3-4 new episodes every month, each one selling for less than a dollar, and the series will play itself out from just before Prohibition becomes the law of the land until it is finally repealed in the early 1930s.

The series has all the elements of B.R. Snow’s writing style readers have come to expect and enjoy. The big cast of supporting characters are well-defined and the dialogue pops off the page. It’s a series that is one part historical fiction, one part crime story, and one part love story. Above all, it is smart and funny, and readers will find themselves rooting for Milo, a villain with a big heart and even bigger ideas about what might be possible when you do everything in your power to give the people what they want.

I hope you enjoy it! And thanks, as always, for your ongoing support.


  1. Karen

    Wow! Looking forward to this new journey you are taking us on.
    And who doesn’t like a good whiskey;)

  2. Sarah Mallery

    Looks great, Bernie! Best of luck with it! 🙂

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