Jan 24

Overdue Otterhound Now Available in Paperback

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I hope everyone is doing well!

I just wanted to let you know that The Case of the Overdue Otterhound is now available in paperback. You can grab your copy here: Take me to the book.

Also, I wanted to let you know that the next book in The Thousand Islands Doggy Inn Mysteries, The Case of the Prescient Poodle, will be available for Pre-Order very soon. I will send you the link as soon as it’s available. The book will officially launch on February 2nd.

Suzy and the gang are back in the Cayman Islands enjoying a relaxing day of deep-sea fishing. Their day is interrupted when a luxury yacht passing by inexplicably explodes and sinks, but not before the poodle onboard leaps into the water and swims to their boat just before the yacht blows up. And when several patches of a white film form on the surface of the water after the blast, along with some bizarre bits of debris that fall from the sky, Suzy soon finds herself in the middle of a murder case that appears to involve a drug smuggling operation and illegal cockfighting.

Soon after she sets out to find a new home for the poodle, a dog that seems to possess a ‘sixth-sense’ that makes everyone it comes in contact with extremely nervous, Suzy’s plans get derailed when she and Josie and Rooster get arrested on an impressive list of charges. As such, all three are soon facing some serious jail time and the threat of deportation. Not the mention the ire of Suzy’s mom.

With the ongoing investigation, along with the actions of her boyfriend, Max, and the fact that she desperately wants out of Wags, their fledging dog toy company, Suzy has a lot on her mind. And when Gerald, the Finance Minister, forces her involvement in the case on Detective Renfro, the lead investigator, Suzy finds herself in the unusual position of working closely with the local police and on a very short leash. With a suspect list that includes the estranged daughter of the deceased owners of the yacht, several employees of the owner’s import-export company, the Premier’s son, as well as the Police Commissioner and Ramon, the local organizer of the illegal cockfights, it’s a wild ride for Suzy and the gang as she tries to decipher exactly what the heck is going on as political intrigue, revenge, cockfighting, and the challenges of love, both true and unrequited, collide head on.

The Case of the Prescient Poodle is the latest installment in B.R. Snow’s popular Thousand Islands Doggy Inn Mysteries and deals with dogs, food, and the power of friendship set against the backdrop of beautiful beaches, hot sun, and cold beverages.

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