Aug 18

Saturday Six Pack – Johnny Ray – Master of the Romantic Thriller

This week’s installment of Saturday Six Pack features best selling author, Johnny Ray, Master of the Romantic Thriller. I love that moniker. It conjures up all sorts of different images and combines love and danger. What’s not to love about that? And having read Johnny’s books, I can tell you folks that these definitely aren’t your Harlequin Romance novels.

“Wow, what a story! Powerful yet sensitive. I love a story that captures the pure raw energy of a thriller and weaves it perfectly in balance with a touching romance. There are not many writers who understand how to do this, but Johnny Ray is a master at this. His novels always keep you guessing and teasing you with page after page of suspense. In this novel, the hero and the heroine have deep secrets, but to survive they both need to share. This is not a fairytale type romance, but a true to life situation that I can see really happening. I don’t think you can ask for a better heroine than one that is a judge, but has only one vulnerability–her ex-boyfriend. And as far as the hero is concerned, he will do anything to protect the woman he loves, which is often way over what is ever expected of any guy. By putting her way ahead of his own needs, he will definitely make you fall in love with him.” Amazon Reviewer – 5 Stars

1) Thanks for sitting down for a Saturday Six Pack, Johnny. You’re known as the Master of the Romantic Thriller. That must make for some very interesting initial conversations with people you meet. It’s a genre that a lot of people try to compete in and I was wondering if you could talk a bit about the various elements that need to be in place for a romantic thriller to separate itself from the pack?

Many people write romantic suspense, but not many write romantic thrillers. There is a difference. A suspense novel builds throughout the novel, whereas a thriller has constant ups and downs, and it also is the perfect way to mix in some romance. To be different from the pack, you have to learn how to mix the two and make it real.

2) As an indie author myself, I’m always interested in asking other writers about how they balance their writing time with the requisite marketing and promotion efforts. How does a normal week break down for you with respect to writing versus promotion? (assuming, of course, that any week could actually be called normal)

There is no normal. I like to do promotional early in the morning and very late at night. I also go to many coffee shops where they do not have the internet, so I can work on the next novel. I am very big on the internet, with over 75,000 followers on twitter alone. I am maxed out on most other social sites.

3) You mention that you can often be found writing in coffee shops near the beach where you live in Florida? I need quiet space and solitude to write, although I can edit in public and still be productive. What is it about your writing process that enables you to create in the midst of what others might consider distractions?

To me writing is a major part of my life, and as such, I integrate it into my life and can easily talk and write at the same time. I think going to different places everyday brings a lot of inspiration and keeps me working. Generally, I know my story and plot so well, I just have to guide the characters along the path and let them have fun. To me it is like directing actors in a movie, I can give them space to be creative and add their own spin on things, as long as they stay on target.

4) It appears that you’re experimenting with different price points on Amazon. Finding the right price for your books is a tough one for all of us and I was wondering what you’ve discovered about the impact of price point to sales?

This is a tough one. I generally try to stay with $1 per 10,000 words. Some of my novels are in the 50,000 to 60,000 range so they are usually $5.99. The novels that are coming out later this year are around 100,000 words and they will all be $9.99. I am also in the kindle select program and prime members can borrow for free. I think it looks like a much better deal to them to borrow a $9.99 book vs a 99 cents book.

5) What are you working on at the moment and when can we expect to see a new book launched?

I will have a new book launching the middle of August. FOR LOVE AND REVENGE is an international romantic thriller of about 100,000 words. Think of Mr. and Mrs. Smith in a more realistic setting. I also have three more novels to be released later this year. I’m waiting to see if a major publisher wants them, and if not, I will release them myself.

6)Last question, and it’s the one I ask everyone because I’m intrigued by every writer’s ongoing effort to improve. If you could change one thing about yourself as a writer, what would it be?

I would constantly move to the location where the book is being written. My next two books are set in Milano, Italy. Yes, I would love to change this part of my writing world. I would love to jump deep into the world I am writing about. In this case, it is inside the world of fashion and modeling.

Thanks so much, Johnny. Good luck with the new one and I hope you get a chance to visit the Italian catwalk of your choosing in the very near future.

Be well.


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  1. Sage

    Great interview! Looking forward to checking out Johnny’s books.

  2. suzy henderson

    Hi -great interview. Thanks for introducing me to another new author. It’s always great to hear about other writers and how they work etc, being a writer myself working towards publication.
    All the best

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