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Saturday Six Pack – Rebecca Hamilton – Author of Sophia’s Journey -The Forever Girl series

Today’s Saturday Six Pack features Rebecca Hamilton, author of the popular The Forever Girl, Sophia’s Journey which is the first installment in her Forever Girl Series. Rebecca brings a sophisticated literary approach to the Paranormal Fantasy and Horror genres and, based on the book’s success, her style has struck a chord with readers. She lives in Florida with her husband and three kids, one of whom has been diagnosed with autism. This, she says, has inspired her to illuminate the world through the eyes of characters who see things differently.

Let’s welcome Rebecca to this week’s installment of Saturday Six Pack.

Sophia is an average girl, living in a painfully small town. She is very much the `Boo Radley’ of the neighborhood due to her Wiccan religion, and a very overzealous Christian woman who hopes to rid the town of her evil. As if being stalked by a crazy lady wasn’t enough, Sophia must deal with a constant hissing, a buzz that rattles around in her brain 24/7. She managed to go to college, and now hold a job, but the constant noise never leaves her mind. Curing her curse is her number one priority. That is until she meets a whole host of supernatural beings, some dangerous, some carrying very human burdens, and one downright sexy. She finds herself embroiled in a centuries old battle, first to find out about her own ancestry, then to save those she loves.

1)Thanks again for being a part of Saturday Six Pack, Rebecca. Writing is pretty much based on perspective and perception so let’s start right off with the impact that your child’s autism has had on your life and, by extension, your writing.

Thanks for having me here! Yes, my oldest is diagnosed with autism, and I have had some struggles of my own growing up as well. He’s high functioning, and that can be a blessing and a curse. I guess he’s just “normal” enough (in other people’s eyes) that they won’t consider how his autism affects his day to day life. It’s hard not being understood and at times even targeted for your differences. I don’t think teasing is the way it used to be. Less and less people make fun of the “obviously” disabled, but see others as fair game, despite their hardships. And THAT is where inspiration for my characters come from. It’s not about my characters having autism, but about them being different in a way other people can’t understand. I hope to write characters who normally would not be understood and give enough insight to their psyche and lives that people can understand why they would do something differently or react differently to something as opposed to how most people would respond. Have I succeeded in this? Sometimes. A lot of people, for example, love Sophia. But there are others who find her annoying, stupid, or un-sympathetic. Is she really any of these things? It depends who you ask. Most people would say no, but if everyone loved her, I might be worried. That she creates strong reactions in people tells me that I’ve created a very life-like character in Sophia. Personalities will mesh or clash, but Sophia is who she is. I’m just glad she’s opened some people’s minds to accept a different way of thinking and feeling.

2) Can you talk about Sophia’s Journey and where you’d like to take The Forever Girl series in the future? You’ve got something on Goodreads I’ve never seen; preview reviews for a book you haven’t finished. Well done, there. Can you talk about the second book in the series, Come, the Dark: Cordovae’s Journey,as well as share a bit of information about when we might expect to see it launched?

Well, not so well done, really. My book was targeted by some trolls one-starring the unwritten book. And my book isn’t the only book to go through this L Goodreads said this was acceptable, because people can rate a book based on how excited they are to read instead of on opinion of the content. When some of my readers found out, they decided to put their own “excitement rating” up. Ideally, Goodreads would let me take the book down until it actually exists, at least in rough draft form. However, their site, their rules, and they said if I so much as try to take the book down, I’ll be banned. So, the book stays, along with the “excitement ratings”. I am not really sure when book 2 will actually be launched. When it’s ready is all I can say forsure, but I’m hoping for some time in 2013.

As for the structure of the series:Books 1, 4, and 7 follow Sophia’s journey. Books 2, 3, 5, 6 all feature theother characters that will be helping Sophia fight the Maltorim (immortalcouncil) in book 7. I’m really excited about book 2, especially now that the draft is finished and I have an idea about some of the content. It will be a much bigger adventure than book 1,I can promise that much!

Also, my readers can look forward to some BIG news in Europe regarding book 1 of the series. All I can say is it’s a book deal and it will happen at the end of 2013. As soon as I can announce the specifics I will. However, the real kicker is that there might be even bigger news than that on the horizon, happening right here in the states. It’s book-related. Stay tuned for more information.

3) As an indie author, I’m always interested in how other writers balance their writing time with the requisite marketing and promotion efforts. How does a normal week break down for you with respect to writing versus promotion? (Assuming, of course, that any week couldactually be called normal.)

Great question. I spend 30% of my week sleeping. Isn’t that terrible? I wish I didn’t need sleep, because I could use the extra hours. 20% of my week is spent homeschooling my kids. 15% of my week goes to my real job. 10% of the week I spend marketing. 5% of my week each goes to my daughter’s gymnastics/ballet, to writing, to editing, and to taking care of whatever our house cleaner doesn’t get around to that week. The rest of the time is the lost time in between, some television watching or book reading, getting out of the house, eating, showering, my oldest son’s therapies, etc. Sometimes my activities overlap because if they didn’t, I wouldn’t have time to talk to my friends, call my family, or answer these interview questions J

4) I’m sure you get asked questions all the time about your work and how you approach the marathon that is writing a novel. But here’s one I get asked all the time and I’m not sure I have a good answer. When you’re preparing to begin a new book, at what point do you know when you’re actually ready to start writing?

It’s different for every book. For some books, I write completely free. I just start and it all happens. With other books, I sometimes have a beginning and an end but no middle, or might start with only a climax and no idea what leads to it. Other times (like most recently) I need to map it out first. I almost always start writing and then stop to take down ideas before I finish, though.

5) Do you have plans to go back and forth between the full length novel and the shorter novella format or are you pretty much in the novel business these days?

Sticking to the novels for now. The novella was a gift for my readers more than anything else,so all the die-hard fans got their copy for free. There will be more novellas to complement the series, however right now I need to try to get on track with the books that are officially part of the series.

6) Last question, and it’s the one I ask everyone since I’m very interested in how each author approaches their own development, if you could change one thing about yourself as a writer, what would it be?

I wish I could read people better. I think it would improve my character writing and also help me deal with harder “people situations”.

Thanks again, Rebecca. I’m looking forward to the next installment of The Forever Girl series. And I hope that whatever big news is brewing for you comes to fruition in the very near future.

Be well.

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