Oct 27

Shannon McRoberts – Author of The Daughter of Ares Chronicles Trilogy

As we approach Halloween and the season of goblins, ghosts and other lifeforms that can make your live miserable, for the next few installments, Saturday Six Pack will feature writers from the paranormal, fantasy, and other genres that help us celebrate the season. Today we’re chatting with Shannon McRoberts, author of The Daughter of Ares Chronicles trilogy. Shannon lives in Kentucky with her family. Let’s see what’s on her mind.

Athine has long been told she was the chosen one. Only problem is she doesn’t want to be chosen for anything; she wants her own adventures. She gets her chance when she learns that her new powers allow her to kill other immortals. Follow Athine from the beginning as she learns about her heritage and being an immortal born. See how she interacts with some notable immortals such as Zeus, Hera, Odin, and Morrigan. Learn about the origins of the vampire and what happened to the dragons!

1) You write in a genre that I’m not well-versed in. I’ve certainly followed the growth, and sales, of the paranormal and fantasy genres but they are so far removed from what I do that I’m wondering what drew you to this subject matter?

I grew up in the 80’s. I remember watching Conan, but what I loved more was Red Sonja. Then came She-Ra. La Femme Nikita. Xena. Buffy. Anne Rice’s vampire books. Lady Death Comics. Super Hero movies of all kinds. I guess I just gravitated towards it because that is what I like.

2) Tell us a bit about your The Daughter of Ares Chronicles trilogy.

They focus on Athine, an immortal born goddess, and her world. In the books we follow her around and see what she has to do to protect the N’Loron, the veil between the worlds. She meets people such as Zeus, Odin, learns about dragons, and slays vampires. Think of it all as mythology bent to my will.

3) You’ve got some very strong female characters and the themes of motherhood and family are well done. How did approach the potential issue of making sure your characters remained, first and foremost, feminine?

It’s easy when you are a girl and mother! I was always a tom boy and as you can guess from above references I like strong female leads, but I like being pretty. So, maybe everyone one of those gals is just me and what I strive to be every day. Women should not always play second fiddle or be a damsel in distress. Yet, you can be strong and pretty too!

4) Can you share a bit of information about what you’re working on at the moment and when we might expect to see it launched?

Worlds Collide will be available in December. It follows Athine Verses: The Blood Sisters and combines elements from that book as well as The Secret of Genetic Corp X. Currently I am writing another book that will follow that one and I don’t have a release date yet, but I’m working on it. Maybe late next year.

5) As you know all too well, there are a ton of books out there competing for everyone’s attention. Could you share some of the marketing and promotional strategies you’ve found to be most successful?

Word of mouth. Nobody will buy it if they can’t look at it. Book Trailers are also good. I’m also investigating PR firms.

6) Last question, and it’s the one I ask everyone since I’m very interested in how each author approaches their own development, if you could change one thing about yourself as a writer, what would it be?

I wish I has started earlier so I would have more books written! It’s hard to do this working 9 to 5 with a 3 year old. Time is such a valuable commodity!

Thanks for stopping by, Shannon. Continued success with your books.

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