Feb 27

Summerman Announces Launch of Sneaker World

Greetings fellow Posse members. And welcome to Sneaker World.

There’s an old joke, although some maintain that the story is more accurately described as folklore, about a tribe of pygmies called the Fuckarwee who live in complete isolation on a remote tropical island surrounded by a magnificent rainforest. Legend has it that the name of their tribe derives from their daily ritual of walking around their small village staring up from the dense foliage that blocks most of the sunlight and muttering to themselves, “where the fuckarwee…where the fuckarwee?”

However, this is not the story of the tribe you are about to meet.

But as I reflect on some of the other characters you will encounter as you navigate through the narrative about to unfold, it should become apparent that many of them are asking themselves that very question. And if they are not, perhaps they should be.

Because the longer I remain on and around this planet that, of late, seems to be spinning faster than the scientists would have us believe, combined with what we see and learn about who does what to whom and when, I’ve truly become convinced of one thing:

There’s a little bit of Fuckarwee in all of us.

And if there isn’t, you just haven’t been paying attention.

Enjoy the ride and, as always, try to minimize the damage.

Be well, my friends,




Chairman-The Damaged Posse*

*The Chairman title is self-bestowed so let’s keep that between us and not tell anyone. Especially Doc and Merlin. For two people whose job largely entails making you laugh, sometimes they have no sense of humor.

PS – Murray says hi!


  1. B.R. Snow

    Thanks, Randall. Even though I write comedy, I think you’ll find my books deal with some important issues. I hope you check out Sneaker World as well as my other books.

    Be well.


  2. Willie

    Hindsight is 20/20

  3. Marcelino Ridling

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