May 25

The Case of the Hurricane Hounds – Launching May 31st!

Several people have been asking when the next book in my cozy mystery series, The Thousand Islands Doggy Inn mysteries is coming out. I’m pleased to say that Book 8, The Case of the Hurricane Hounds, will launch on May 31st and is available for pre-order: http://amzn.to/2qgNmmj And the paperback version will be available in early June.

I’m very happy with it, and I think you’re going to enjoy the book! And, as always, I need to thank JR Miller for his great photography and Reggie Cullen for his outstanding work on the cover!

Here’s what you’re in store for…

Suzy, along with Josie and Chef Claire, has finally succumbed to her mother’s pressure and are in the Cayman Islands for some relaxation and time in the sun. But on their first night there, a major storm blows through, and Suzy and Josie head outside to rescue a stray bloodhound they saw on the beach earlier in the day. But their rescue effort needs to be expanded when they realize the agitated bloodhound is trying to protect a female basset hound and her six puppies.

When the power goes out while they’re trying to get all eight dogs settled into her mother’s garage, Suzy wonders if their first day of vacation could get any stranger. Her question is soon answered when the lights come back on and Wily, a local financier with a reputation for philandering, is found stabbed to death in the living room. Before Suzy has time to even focus on who might have killed him, Jerome Crenshaw, an incredibly wealthy resident, gets killed in his own house the same way as the first victim.

And as she embarks on trying to solve the murders, it soon becomes apparent that her mother has some ulterior motives of her own that could force Suzy, Josie, and Chef Claire to make some life-altering decisions. Surrounded by the ocean, and confronted with a diverse group of individuals as well as a few stingrays that are just a bit too close for comfort, all three women begin to wonder, that if they had wanted weirdness and murder, why did they leave home in the first place?


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