Aug 21

The Duplicates – Launch Date – August 31


As a special thank you to all of you who generously supported my recent Amazon campaign, between now and when the book launches on August 31st, I’m offering The Duplicates for the extremely low price of $0.99. Yes, you read that right. For the next 10 days, The Duplicates will be available to you for ninety-nine cents. All you need to do is click the link below, Pre-Order the book, and on the 31st it will be automatically downloaded to you.

The Duplicateshttp://amzn.to/2bGsg6a

I will also be sharing the results of my recent campaign with you shortly. Thanks to you the campaign produced some amazing results, and I have to admit that I’m still surprised that Amazon didn’t pick the book up. But the good news for you is that you will have it by the end of the month instead of later in the fall.

Again, I want to thank each and every one of you for your ongoing support. I truly appreciate it, and I hope you enjoy reading The Duplicates as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Be well, my friends.

Happy reading.


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