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Here you’ll find all the information you need about what my books are about, sample chapters, and links that will take you to the place where you can buy them. Yes, I am overtly suggesting that you buy my books. They’re very reasonably priced and I’m sure you, like countless other readers, will enjoy them.

The latest news is that my new book, The Duplicates, the 5th in my Damaged Po$$e series, will launch on August 31st.


As a special thank you to all of you who generously supported my recent Amazon campaign, between now and when the book launches on August 31st, I’m offering The Duplicates for the extremely low price of $0.99. Yes, you read that right. For the next 10 days, The Duplicates will be available to you for ninety-nine cents. All you need to do is click the link below, Pre-Order the book, and on the 31st it will be automatically downloaded to you.

The Duplicateshttp://amzn.to/2bGsg6a

I will also be sharing the results of my recent campaign with you shortly. Thanks to you the campaign produced some amazing results, and I have to admit that I’m still surprised that Amazon didn’t pick the book up. But the good news for you is that you will have it by the end of the month instead of later in the fall.

I want to thank each and every one of you for your ongoing support. I truly appreciate it, and I hope you enjoy reading The Duplicates as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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The Books

Launching August 31st!!

The Duplicates

The Damaged Po$$e Series #5



Doc gets a call from his former shrink telling him she has just killed her husband. After arriving on the scene, End of Days religious prophecies start appearing as images in the night sky. As the world begins to lose its collective mind, realer-than-real Duplicates get added to the mix, and the global threat soon reaches a tipping point. Doc is forced to embark on a bizarre and deadly mission to take the images and Duplicates down before the voice in his head does the same to him.


American Midnight

The Damaged Po$$e Series #1

American Midnight thumb 1-27-15


Doc White wakes up in a Las Vegas hotel suite a very confused man with a massive tequila hangover. As he reflects on the previous day’s events that included his wife walking out on him and with their joint savings, the return of the voice in his head, his subsequent loss of another $150,000 at the blackjack tables, and then waking up next to a total stranger, Doc’s already damaged life has taken another serious dip downward. In order to pay off his new debt, Doc is forced to do something he vowed years ago never to do again; take a corporate job. Doc’s new boss, an octogenarian Chinese casino owner with a taste for curling and political intrigue, along with the return of an old love help to reenergize Doc as he tries to rebuild his life in Sin City. At a major crossroads, Doc draws on the expertise of Merlin, his coke-addled, phobic colleague from a prior life and Summerman, a part-time ghost who is certain he can help Doc deal with the voice in his head. By the time this initial installment in B.R. Snow’s Damaged Posse series is wrapped up, Doc, Merlin, and Summerman have joined forces and are armed and ready to wreak havoc on the bad guys as well as themselves.


Larrikin Gene

The Damaged Po$$e Series #2

Larrikin Cover thumb final 1-27-2015


Gene has a bit of a problem. Several actually. He’s wrapping up a year-long, high-end matchmaking scam that has proven to be most profitable but, in the process, he’s lost the love of his life to a billionaire. Now to help mend his broken heart, he’s back in Las Vegas finishing up another lucrative scam. But the FBI is on his trail and Gene discovers that the agent in charge is none other than the hapless Roger Gentry, a high school acquaintance with whom he shares a tenuous past. To make matters worse, Gene is soon sleeping with the other agent on the case who turns out to be Gentry’s fiancé.

To cool things off, Gene decides it’s time for a well deserved vacation Down Under. He brings his father along, an ex-convict whose biggest wish in life is to work one scam with his son before he dies. And before Gene can even get a chance to catch his breath and enjoy his time off, he finds himself running the ultimate con; one that threatens to irrevocably change his life. Fortunately for Gene, the Po$$e needs his help and Doc, Summerman and Merlin follow him to Australia to do a little recruiting and provide Gene with a possible way out of his current predicament.


Sneaker World

The Damaged Po$$e Series #3

Sneaker World cover thumb final 1-27-2015


Sir Bentley Carruthers, sneaker magnate and exploiter of the poor on four continents, has decided to expand his empire into the lucrative field of biopiracy. He’s purchased a small group of islands from the Indian government ostensibly to assist with recovery efforts after a devastating tsunami. So he’s built a sneaker factory on one of the islands along with a high-end resort that caters exclusively to the uber-rich. Unfortunately for Sir Bentley, Doc and the rest of the Damaged Posse are well aware of what his real motives are. And the fact that Sir Bentley has been selling weapons technology to the highest bidders also hasn’t gone unnoticed. After the Posse arrives on the island, they embark on their strangest and funniest adventure yet that is filled with dense jungles, a lost tribe, cantankerous girlfriends, shoulder-fired missiles, and a safari suit wearing antagonist you’ll love to hate.



The Damaged Po$$e Series #4

Summerman thumb cover final 1-27-2015


In the eagerly anticipated fourth book in B.R. Snow’s popular Damaged Posse series, Summerman finds himself staying close to home and, of course, he isn’t shy about enlisting the help of his three cohorts in crime. Set in the magnificent surroundings of the Thousand Islands, Summerman needs to juggle several problems simultaneously and each one brings along its own challenges and predictably hysterical outcomes. Summerman is faced with stopping his uncle’s Senate campaign along with the plan he and his defrocked priest partner in crime have come up with. Summerman also has to deal with the return of his ex-girlfriend, Grace, and her two daughters as well as his nephew’s plan to put Summerman’s band back together. On top of all that, Summerman’s grandmother, Mamo, has a few surprises in store as well. Doc, Merlin, Gene are all back as is Murray and, unfortunately for Uncle Dick, he is in particularly fine form.


Either Ore

Either Ore cover 6-16-16 copy


Either Ore and Casper Dupree, two of the best jewelry thieves to ever work the circuit, first meet during a chance encounter when they realize they’re robbing the same house. They meet for the second time three years later after Either has been released from prison and Casper has launched a fledgling career as an author of romance novels. And Either has come up with the perfect way for them to pull off the ultimate road trip caper, as well as help Casper sell a few books in the process. Hitting the road in a leased Winnebago, Either and Casper embark on the next chapter in their career in crime as coconspirators of Casper Dupree’s Endless Book Tour. Along the way they partner with Coco, a femme fatale with a penchant for classic noir and creative crime. They also manage to attract the attention of an FBI agent who has a history with Either and is determined to do everything in his power to make sure that the bad guys don’t win.


Divorce Hotel

If love is hell, what does that make divorce?

Divorce Hotel thumb cover 1-28-15 copy


That is one of life’s great questions for John Germaine, a divorced man who has bought an old bed and breakfast inn and turned it into a refuge for recently divorced men. But faced with a crushing, ongoing alimony payment to his ex-wife, Margaret, an aspiring, yet sadly uninspiring actress, John has reached the end of his tether. And it’s either get Margaret married or take drastic measures. With the assistance of his permanent residents and his new housekeeper, Emily, who just happens to be the ex-wife of Margaret’s new fiance, John puts a plan together to get Margaret off his back, if not out of his life permanently. With a houseful of residents that includes a hygiologist whose mission in life is to make America smell better, a mantologist with a Vegas lounge act, and a political consultant down on his luck, Divorce Hotel comes out swinging on page one and doesn’t let up.